Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa Department of English.


Publications from 2010

The University of Iowa Response, Barbara J. Eckstein and Rod Lehnertz

Publications from 2009

An Endangered River Runs Through Us, Barbara J. Eckstein

Publications from 2008

Specters of the City, Barbara J. Eckstein


Black Work at the Polling Place : the Color Line in 'The County Election', Laura Rigal

Publications from 2007


A Bad Day on the Prairie: The Chickasaw County Massacre, Laura Rigal

Publications from 1997

Recalcitrant Students and Arts of Resistance, Barbara J. Eckstein


Introduction to Romantic Theatricality, Judith Pascoe

Publications from 1995

Ethnicity Matters, Barbara J. Eckstein

Publications from 1992


Nadine Gordimer: Nobel Laureate in Literature, 1991, Barbara J. Eckstein