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MA (Master of Arts)

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Waltraud Maierhofer


This thesis focuses on the writings of Anant Kumar, an Indian author living in Germany and writing in German. It includes an introduction that examines the long history of literary interaction between Germany and the East. Particular attention is then devoted to two of Kumar's recurrent literary themes: "movement" with reference to progress and "the establishment of identity" through the use of language. Not only do Kumar's texts regularly describe being on the move and examine the intricacies of writing in a foreign language, but on a deeper level Kumar's writings also mirror the current state of Germany as it adjusts and adapts to its shifting international surroundings and inhabitants. Previous scholarly research in the field of German minority literature has been somewhat limited in that it has primarily explored the contributions of Turkish authors. In Kumar one recognizes a new wave of "foreign" writers who likewise deserve close attention and analysis.


69 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 67-69).


Copyright 2005 Kirsten E Kumpf