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Migrant farm workers experience many hardships during their time in the U.S. One major problem faced by migrant farm workers is the lack of access to and utilization of health care services. Migrant farm workers usually do not qualify for services in the U.S., and often do not have any services available to them when in Mexico. This study examined the utilization and satisfaction of health services received by migrant farm workers. A total of seven Latino migrant farm workers were interviewed. Analysis indicated each worker had utilized the health program available to them in Iowa and were satisfied with the service they received. The majority of workers reported that not having health insurance impeded the likelihood of their seeking medical services in Mexico. They were satisfied with any services they received during their time in Iowa. The findings stress the importance of providing additional prevention health services to migrant farm workers to increase access, utilization, and satisfaction with health services.


farm worker, health care, Mexican, migrant, Satisfaction, Utilization


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