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Spring 2011

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Anita Jung

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Tom Christison

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Sarah Kanouse

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Leighton Pierce

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James Snitzer


What is not discussed becomes veiled in denial. And as a woman, what becomes veiled in denial exists as oppression. And what exists as oppression, when confronted becomes taboo, irrational, and improper. This is my body, my mind and my drive.

Fresh Expression: A Guide to Cultural Reclamation is a performative, installation that explores subversion, indulgence and the female lactating body in a sociological context; where the audience becomes active participants within a live and changing environment. This live event documents the extrication of my breast milk and recontextualizes the breast milk outside of my body. The event not only explores my personal investment in questioning my experience as a lactating woman in western culture, but also challenges the audience to reflect on topics related to lactation, bodily fluids, consumption, and sexuality.


Breast Milk, Consumption, Feminist Art, Printmaking, Ritual, Social Practice


vii, 28 pages


Includes bibliographical references (page 28).


Copyright 2011 Teresa L. Moralez

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