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In this essay I discuss a collection of seven piano pieces that I commissioned by four emerging young Colombian composers. It contains two parts: the first explains the importance of involving contemporary and world music in piano education and includes a brief history of music in Colombia. The second part discusses in detail each of the piano pieces and the contemporary and folkloric references that each one uses. It also illustrates the technical challenges that each piece presents and provides suggestions on how to practice each work. The two pieces by Castaño include taped electronic sound as part of them. The two files are attached with the paper.

I have always believed in the responsibility and importance that teachers have in the creation of new music and discuss the importance of educators working with composers. I also explore the importance of teaching and learning world music and contemporary music from the beginning of a piano education. The commissions are the first step towards the creation of a piano pedagogical anthology of Colombian contemporary music for the late intermediate and early advanced level for which there is very little Colombian repertoire.

Colombia's rich rhythms, dances and musical traditions are not reflected in the formal music education in the country. Heightened security and the resulting economic growth have brought significant changes over the last ten years to the country providing a moment of possibility to advance an agenda in musical education as well. If the piano teachers take charge of the education of the new generation, beyond simply teaching them how to play the piano, the classical music tradition in Colombia will grow at the same time that high quality music will be provided around the world to play.


Colombian Piano Repertoire, Contemporary Piano Repertoire, Piano Pedagogy, World Music


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Includes bibliographical references (pages 127-130).


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