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Research shows young singers are entering the professional world without the necessary skills to succeed. Students graduate from their respective colleges, yet lack experience in working with an orchestra, knowledge of dramatic or character analysis, or the stamina to maintain a vigorous rehearsal schedule. Incorporating character analysis skills along with language and dramatic training into the weekly private lesson will ensure the removal of the gaps in the curriculum.

Through complete role study, young singers will have the ability to practice and refine their skills once they are vocally mature enough to perform an operatic role. The role of Sophie in Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss is a challenging role requiring musical and dramatic skill. Students can examine and perform Strauss Lieder identifying similarities in the compositional style, dramatic elements, and musical requirements to prepare for the singing of the role of Sophie. This paper uses practical examples of various Strauss Lieder to demonstrate the pedagogical similarities between the role of Sophie and Strauss' song compositions.


Lieder, Opera, Pedagogy, Performance, Strauss, Voice


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