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Summer 2011

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Yasar Onel

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Jane M Nachtman

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Edwin Norbeck

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Craig E Pryor

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Jose Repond


The three main parts of this thesis demonstrate our current understanding of certain physics but mostly go beyond our understanding and present novel approaches, both technically and physically. The first part concentrates on the scalar mesons and presents search methodology to enable a better understanding of their existence and structures. The second part discusses one step further on beyond the standard model physics searches. Emphasis is given to discriminating factors between the MSSM and the U(1)' gauge extended models. The last part discusses a specific readout problem in calorimetry together with its solution and presents the digital hadron calorimetry, which will be an essential part of calorimeter systems of future colliders.


calice, cms, digital calorimetry, gauge extentions, mssm, scalar meson


xiii, 107 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 105-107).


Copyright 2011 Burak Bilki

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