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Summer 2011

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Snitzer, James

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Stratton, Margaret

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Lima, Vinicius

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Leonard, Julia

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Dicharry, Bradley


Digesting Dystopia

There is a discrepancy between where our food comes from and where we believe it comes from. Our understanding of the origins of our consumable food is often distorted. The relationship between consumers and the ingredients keeping us alive is characterized by an overwhelming amount of contradictory information. The decisions that we make regarding these products have a profound effect on every facet of our existence.

I use the contentious climate of the food industry as the background for making surreal images that open up conversations about the politics of eating. These compositions are fabricated representations of our relationship with food and the industry that surrounds it. The images exaggerate the realities that exist within our culture and illuminate our desensitization and disconnect to the consequences of what we chose to consume.

What does our food culture look like, and what will it lead to in the near future?


Consequences, Consume, Disconnect, Food, Industry, Surreal


iii, 9 pages


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