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Kelley, Patricia


The purpose of this study was to identify risk factors for repeated child maltreatment in Iceland. Only cases that had never been reported to child protection services before were included in this study (N=77 total). Each case was followed for 18 months. In all cases the first reported incident was neglect. In the study, a group of cases that had only been reported once (single incident) was compared with another group of cases that had been reported two or more times (repeated incidents). Risk factors were identified and compared on different levels according to an ecological model: 1) Demographics, 2) Parental figure problems, 3) Children's characteristics, 4) Family problems, 5) Social support. In addition, the two groups were compared on parental non-cooperation and services received. In a logistic regression model, the groups differed significantly on the following factors; the mother figures in the repeated incidents group had lower education level and the mothers in that group had more personal problems than the mother figures in the repeated incidents group. In addition, the repeated incidents group experienced more family dynamic problems than the single incident group.


Child maltreatment, repeated, risk factors, neglect, chronic maltreatment


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