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Summer 2011

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Yuen, Kee-Ho

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Yuen, Kee-Ho

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Choo, Chunghi

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Rorex, Robert

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Myers, Virginia

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Dunlap, David


Imagemaking is a universal impulse experienced by all human cultures. In the continual pursuit to create compelling and engaging forms, efforts to permit images to interact in dynamic ways in extended space have been the subject of considerable exploration. The often sought-after goal is to break the surface of the paper without sacrificing the essence of the image. My current research is the investigation of Smooth-On 300 series Semi-Rigid Urethane Casting Resin and its interaction with various laser jet inks on diverse paper or paper analogous mediums. Purely on accident, it was discovered that one could easily transfer printed images onto the casting resin if it was poured directly on the print. This has allowed for a method of image manipulation in a manner that has yet to be thoroughly explored. Several experimental pours and projects have been completed to test the limits and potentiality of this new media. The results seem promising and warrant farther exploration of this exciting new development.


Casting, Image, Ink, Resin, Transfer, Urethane


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