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Summer 2014

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DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts)

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Conklin, Scott

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Conklin, Scott

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This thesis is directed toward teachers who work primarily with music degree students on the collegiate level. Pedagogy is simply too often "hit or miss" in a student's degree curriculum, and yet the reality is that most musicians will have to teach at some point in their careers, whether they realize it as students or not.

This thesis provides a model for how to holistically integrate pedagogy into all aspects of the performance curriculum, so that string performance students are provided with the necessary tools to be both excellent performers and teachers, regardless of whether they ever take a pedagogy class. This is accomplished through: the examination of survey results regarding how schools are incorporating the National Association for Schools of Music requirements and recommendations for the integration of pedagogy into course curricula; an overview of survey results reporting how string performers and educators feel about the quality of the education they received in regards to preparedness for artist string teaching; and a discussion of how to create a holistic curriculum for performance and pedagogy that encompasses the three main areas of most string performance curriculums (the private studio, chamber music, and orchestra).

The overarching goal of this thesis is to build on the rich tradition of string playing and teaching that already exists, by introducing a curriculum that will holistically educate the student as both performer and pedagogue. At the heart of this approach is the need for fostering a "see one, do one, teach one" mentality in students.


Chamber Music Pedagogy, Music Education, Orchestra Pedagogy, String Pedagogy, String Performance, Violin Pedagogy


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