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Fall 2014

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Etudes are a core part of a young musician's development. For tuba players, the lyrical etude is important because many young tubists are not called upon to play melodies often in their school band or orchestra repertoire. The skills of lyrical playing and melodic interpretation are underdeveloped in many young tubists as a result. When tuba players commence private lessons either before or during college their teachers have a variety of materials to use to teach lyricism and interpretation, but unfortunately many of these etudes are too technically advanced for young players. The student then focuses all of his or her energy on mastery of the technical difficulties presented by these etudes, and the intended focus on lyrical playing and melodic interpretation is lost. A viable alternative to the standard studies can be found in art song repertoire. Many of these songs are technically approachable for the young tubist. Additionally, the original texts can serve as a source of inspiration for phrasing and interpretation. This project includes 30 art songs transcribed for tuba and piano that, when practiced in order, will prepare the young musician for the standard etudes used to teach these skills and are also musically effective.


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