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Fall 2014

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Book Arts

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Barrett, Timothy

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Leonard, Julie

Second Committee Member

Sauers, Sara T

Third Committee Member

Langworthy, Sara


Anatomia Botanica explores the relationship I have come to develop with my natural environment. It takes the reader through my understanding of three species of flowering plants. These are plants that had a significant impact on my childhood and early adulthood, teaching me to look at our natural environment as far more complex and compelling of respect than we give credit to.

Public Abstract

My thesis addresses the natural environment, its history and evolution and our perceptual relationship with it. The work I create focuses on my perception of the natural world and on its relative fragility in relation to my own existence. This is what I hope to imbue in and convey through the pieces I have created for my thesis show. This work will also reflect the varied interests I have developed in the fields of book arts during my time at the Univeristy of Iowa Center for the Book.

These works include:

- A hand-printed book; Anatomia Botanica: Botanical Anatomies of the Sacred Lotus, Red Hibiscus and Southern Magnolia

- Absence, a video of a short watermark animation

- An installation of cast paper objects, and an interactive folded form




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