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Spring 2015

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Teaching and Learning

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Therrien, William J

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Hosp, John L

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Woods-Groves, Suzanne

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Hendrickson, Jo M

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Ansley, Timothy N


Students with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) struggle with writing. Writing is an important skill for everyday life; therefore, it is essential that students with ID receive effective writing instruction. Explicit writing instruction adhering to the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) has shown to be an effective writing strategy for postsecondary students with ID. However, the impact of simple sentence writing instruction has not been studied for this population. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of part I of the Proficiency in Sentence Writing Strategy (Sheldon & Schumaker, 1999). Results indicate that students were able to learn and apply the vocabulary concepts needed to use the strategy (ES = 0.808), but that the simple sentence writing intervention had no effect on students overall writing quality.

Public Abstract

Writing is an essential skill. Many people struggle with writing. In particular, data indicate that students with intellectual disabilities (ID) often struggle with this important skill. As more students with ID are attending post-secondary education (PSE), research is needed to support or negate writing instructional strategies for this population. Therefore, this study examined the efficacy of a simple sentence writing strategy for 22 students attending a PSE program for students with ID. Results indicate there is a need for simple sentence writing instruction for postsecondary students with ID and that the Proficiency in Sentence Writing Strategy (Schumaker & Sheldon, 1999) provides a framework that is beneficial to students.


publicabstract, intellectual disability, special education, writing instruction


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