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Spring 2015

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Glasgow, Robert

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Jung, Anita

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Hochstrasser, Julie

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Snitzer, James

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Rich, Jeff


Tradition begins with innovation. The rich and complicated history of Printmaking is shaped by invention and discovery. I see this advancement for the sole purpose to distribute knowledge and ideas to every person regardless of prosperity and status. At its core intention is the need to make art and knowledge accessible. The procedural research I have been exploring along side my artist research was designed to do just as invention in printmaking has done before. I have applied my knowledge and availability of modern technology with traditional ways print artists create. These new processes are geared to make photomechanical practices in lithography and intaglio cheaper and more accessible to artists and students with limited resources. I have also included a statement about the artwork that has been able to be developed because of this research to provide context for my artistic practice.

Public Abstract

Tradition begins with innovation. My artistic practice has consisted of incorporating new technologies with traditional printmaking techniques. The research I have done has enabled me to develop two new photomechanical processes to create fine art works. Faux-To-Gravure is an intaglio procedure that utilizes readily available equipment and materials to make photographic etching plates. My other process consists of using inexpensive laser prints on bond paper, instead of expensive transparency films, to expose photographic lithography plates. The later technique allowed me to afford creating the Signal Void print series for my thesis exhibition.


publicabstract, Etching, Intaglio, Lithography, Photography, Photomechanical, Printmaking


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