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Spring 2015

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Laurel Farrin

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John Dilg

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Robert Glasgow

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Sue Hettmansperger

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My work examines themes of virtual habitation with a core emphasis on the subject of video games. The work is influenced by three primary sources. The first is from the everyday. I befriend gamers and observe their behavior. In this regard I maintain direct social contact with the gaming community. The second source follows advances in technology. These include aesthetic shifts in graphics, consoles, and interfaces. The last takes from personal interaction. I login to games and make note of what I find beautiful, problematic, and absurd.

Reference points then transition to a studio response. I create drawings, paintings, and sculptures that reflect poetically on human transitions into virtual space. The images rely on the impression of tight geometric control. Closer examination pivots those first takes toward playful disarray. This tension between clarity and ambiguity forces the viewer to reconcile their interpretation of the game content. The resulting context opens a door for the audience to interpret the present as seen through the lens of the work, and attempt to gauge the future.




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