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Spring 2015

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Theatre Arts

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Borreca, Art

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Clubb, Dare

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Schlesinger, Lisa

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Adapted from the conspiracies and events surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which presumably disappeared over the Southern Indian Ocean, this play examines the emotional, mythological, and political ramifications of loss. By exploring the bottom of the ocean, the characters gather clues and memories in order to find their loved ones, only to discover that there is no complete return to life after a disaster. The only solace is the memory of those loved ones tethering those who must go on living.

The play is, in a sense, a drama of saudade. It is a Portuguese word roughly defined as the feeling of losing something or someone one loves, has lost, and can never return. The play is not only a tragic love story; it is also an attempt to translate this word for American audiences through theatre.


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