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Spring 2015

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Jung, Anita

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Barbuzza, Isabel

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Adcock, Craig

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Snitzer, James


My work is a subjective investigation of a constant transit through the real and symbolic frontiers that create memories. By considering the different cultural and social dimensions of my life as a Latino, I am interested in the relationship with a time that is vital, personal but also shared. Through my research, a constant interaction with the materiality of the print process informs the creation of strategies of auto-recognition that are both personal and collective and introduces me to the acceptance of the affective world, thus of my body and my own temporality. The print represents fragmentary traces of an incomplete cartography, that is at the same time intermittent and selective. They are subjective approaches of a personal narrative that is at the same time collective. This visual narrative reflects on my forced displacement and cultural periphery conscience and the unconscious desire for an unmapped world.


Installation, Language, Latin America, Text and Image


viii, 38 pages


Includes bibliographical references (page 38).


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