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Fall 2015

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Kowal, Rebekah

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Adams, Charlotte

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Kayle, Jennifer


There was a sea is the resultant piece of a creative research conducted about human relationships with the element water. The dance takes us on a trip through different states of the spectrum scarcity-abundance of water around the world.

Public Abstract

My choreographic work explores human relationships in interdependence with the natural and cultural world they inhabit. I am interested in the dichotomy body/image that the virtual era is generating in society, disconnecting us from nature. In my choreography I use different media to pursue an aesthetic on the stage among which are video, installation and poetry. I work collectively with the dancers and the music, costume and light artists. I believe that dance has the power to communicate aspects of our culture through the body that escape to verbal language. For every piece I try to find the specific movement that is needed to achieve this act of communication.

In my thesis piece There was a sea I have researched the relationships of human beings with the element water. I am interested in the water capacity to give life but also to destroy it; in its beauty, its violence and in our dependence to it. Global warming is changing the geography of the planet and with it, the access that different populations have to water. This remind us that Nature shapes our lives, even in this urban and technological era in which we have a fake sense of control. In this dance we created scenes in where the lack and excess of water appear to highlight this dependence. We go through a journey around the world to see the different situations that people confront, from floods to scarcity, passing through abundance and balance, to show a picture of inequality, somehow given by Nature itself, but also caused or accentuated by human behaviors.


publicabstract, choreography, clima change, cotemporary dance, inequality, kogui cosmology, water


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