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Fall 2016

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Psychological and Quantitative Foundations

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William Ming Liu

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Saba R Ali

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Megan Foley-Nicpon

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Paula M Keeton

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Sherry K Watt


Acculturation process has been associated with various mental health outcomes among Taiwanese/Chinese international students (Wang & Mallinckrodt, 2006; Zhang & Goodson, 2011), and those who also identify as sexual orientation minority may have unique acculturation processes compared to their heterosexual counterparts (Oba & Pope, 2013; Quach, Todd, Hepp, & Mancini, 2013). Limited understanding has been established on the impact of dual cultural exposures and the multiple marginalized identities may have on international sexual orientation minority’s sexual orientation identity development, particularly for women from countries with Chinese cultural heritages.

Using Consensual Qualitative Research method, this dissertation focuses on gaining understanding of the experiences of Taiwanese sexual orientation minority women (nǚ tongzhi) developing sexual orientation identity during their residence in the U.S. Results indicate the overall accepting social and political atmosphere in the U.S. was an important factor in the acculturation and enculturation processes for Taiwanese nǚ tongzhi. Yet, these women experienced acculturative stress and multiple minority stress against their multifaceted identity. They also reported acculturative stress upon re-entry to Taiwan regarding managing their identity disclosure, and experiences of pressure to conform to cultural norms related to gender and heteronormative family structure. The manuscript concludes with strengths and limitations of the present study, suggestions for future research, and clinical implications for counseling psychologists.


Acculturation, Chinese, Lesbian/Bisexual, Multiple Minority Stress, Sexual Orientation Minority Women, Taiwanese


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Includes bibliographical references (pages 178-185).


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