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Fall 2016

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MA (Master of Arts)

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Ekdale, Brian

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Dalrymple, Kajsa

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Supp-Montgomerie, Jenna


The purpose of this study was to utilize the dual frameworks of Body-Centered Constructivism and Lived Religion to analyze the work of contemporary photojournalists and documentary photographers. Interviews were conducted with a targeted selection of professional and non-professional photojournalists whose experiences and work were relevant to the Body-Centered Constructivist framework. Informants were asked to comment on how physical factors including but not limited to new photographic technologies affected the use of their bodies while on assignment, their interpretation of stories, and their relationships with their subjects.

Next, visual analyses of works of photojournalism were conducted using a Lived Religion framework. These works were selected based on their relevance to the research questions presented, namely how photojournalists approach the mundane in coverage of religious stories.

An additional creative component operated as a case study for applying each framework to a work of visual journalism. Various media were employed based on relationships fostered between the media, the photographer’s body, and the subjects. Reflections and conclusions based on this project are included.


Body-centered constructivism, Lived Religion, Photojournalism, Videojournalism


vi, 55 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 52-55).


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