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Spring 2013

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Dilg, John

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Jung, Anita

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Dunlap, David

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Hettmansperger, Sue

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White, Susan


I intend to present my work in four parts. The first section will be devoted to the `State of the Studio', a catalogue of sorts, documenting the accumulation of ideas and objects that make up the space where I spend the majority of my time. The second section `This Place', will reflect on the pivotal experiences and relationships outside of the studio that have influenced my thinking. The third section `Get Excited and Make Things' will attempt to synthesize the impact of the space and the place paired with outside influences in order to shed light on my current work. The last section, `I'm Learning and I'm not Afraid', will begin to outline some of my future ambitions as a painter and a maker.

The piece as a whole will be constructed in the style of a narrative graphic essay. The document will be littered with personally symbolic drawings that will, hopefully, enhance the text and engage the reader more fully in my world.


vi, 32 pages


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