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Spring 2013

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MA (Master of Arts)

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Correia, Monica

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McGuire, Steve

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Barbuzza, Isabel

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Castronovo, Anthony


Research shows the importance of a childhood home environment encouraging of creative and imaginative play.

I designed a set of children's furniture that, in addition to being play toys, stimulates creativity, interactivity and understanding of design construction. When a child understands how furniture is assembled and is encouraged to be creative in play, he or she gains valuable learning experiences while having fun. Together, a child and adult can easily assemble all the pieces of furniture without any need for tools. Much like a puzzle, the child has fun assembling the furniture while, at the same time, learns valuable lessons of spatial relationships and structural stability. This also leads to an understanding of safety in play. The added element of a portable three-inch LED orb encourages interaction once all pieces are assembled.

Abstract design elements were used to stimulate imagination during play. Using basic Gestalt design principles, the furniture series was constructed to not only be structural but to be beautiful in design. The curved abstract shapes encourage the child to take control and imagine the furniture as integral components of their play scene.


3D, Children, Creativity, Design, Furniture


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