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Spring 2009

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Biomedical Engineering

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Geoffrey Mclennan

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Joseph M. Reinhardt

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Joseph Zabner

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Eric A. Hoffman

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Kenneth Moore


Research involved in modeling human lung disease conditions has provided insight into disease development, progression, and treatment. In particular, mouse models of human pulmonary disease are increasingly utilized to characterize lung disease conditions. With advancements in small animal imaging it is now possible to investigate the phenotypic differences expressed in inbred mouse strains in vivo to investigate specific disease conditions that affect the lung.

In this thesis our aim was to generate a comprehensive characterization of the normative mouse lung phenotypes in three of the most utilized strains of mice, C57BL/6, A/J, and BALB/c, through imaging techniques. The imaging techniques that we utilized in this research included micro-CT, a custom Large Image Microscope Array (LIMA) system for 3D microscopy, and classical histology. Micro-CT provided a non-destructive technique for acquiring in vivo and fixed lung images. The LIMA 3D microscopy system was utilized for direct correspondence of the gold standard histology images as well as to validate the anatomical structures and measurements that were extracted from the micro-CT images. Finally, complete lung histology slices were utilized for assessment of the peripheral airspace structures that were not resolvable using the micro-CT imaging system.

Through our developed imaging acquisition and processing strategies we have been able to successful characterize important phenotypes in the mouse lung that have not previously been known as well as identify strain variations. These findings will provide the scientific community with valuable information to be better equipped and capable of pursuing new avenues of research in investigating pulmonary disease conditions that can be modeled in the mouse.


3D Microscopy, Micro-CT, Mouse Airways, Mouse Lung Phenotypes, Small Animal Imaging


xiv, 193 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 151-157).


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