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Spring 2013

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MA (Master of Arts)

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Correia, Monica

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Correia, Monica

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I've always welcomed and thrived on doubt from exterior sources. Proving people wrong, whether in athletics or academics, fueled me to work harder, smarter and faster. As a student-athlete at a Division I institution granted me opportunities that few students are introduced to. My four year college football career required physical and mental preparation, but it also taught me the value of attention to detail and hard work. These skills formed the foundation of my design process and as a result I am able to skillfully create functional pieces in multiple mediums.

I wanted to show people that I could achieve anything that I set my mind to by using the skills that I acquired from a Division I football career, as well as my years as an undergrad. Using my creativity to manipulate different forms and design functional pieces gave me the same satisfaction as scoring a touchdown in front of thousands of fans in Kinnick Stadium. I had always been interested applying this to a career in architecture, but the University of Iowa doesn't have a specific program for architects. Balancing a similar major - Engineering- with 60 hours a week of football would have been impossible.

While interviewing multiple architecture firms, as well during my time working for SGGM Architects, I have learned that an architectural degree is not necessary to make an impact in the field. Rapid technological advancements, especially in computer modeling, have allowed me to not only work and design in programs that architects use, but to use them more efficiently. I plan to use this opportunity to showcase my unique approach to designing architecture models and to demonstrate how modeling software advancements allow people without architecture degrees to plan, model and design spaces as effectively as those who do. I will also exhibit how inspiration does not come only from researching past architectural spaces, but can come from multiple design mediums that can inspire more daring and expressive architectural designs.


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