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Spring 2013

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Rehabilitation and Counselor Education

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Portman, Tarrell A

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Duys, David K

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Ali, Saba R

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Saunders, Jodi L

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Smith, Carol K


The career development trajectory of undocumented Latino youth can present unique challenges for school counselors. Undocumented Latino youth have few career choices due to holding different values from the majority culture, realistic fears of deportation, restrictions in obtaining lawful employment, and having an unconventional pathway to citizenship. The school counseling profession has been tasked with working with undocumented Latino students on issues of career development, despite these obstacles. The purpose of this qualitative dissertation was to build a stronger understanding of the unique experiences school counselors encounter when career counseling undocumented Latino students. Results from this research generated a theory into how school counselors work on issues of career development with this marginalized population. Results also offered a perspective in which school counselors can be trained on realistic and empowering methods that foster career development in undocumented Latino youth.


Career Counseling, Grounded Theory, Qualitative Analysis, School Counselors, Undocumented Latino Youth


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Includes bibliographical references (pages 179-190).


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