Polar night



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Spring 2013

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Dilg, John

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Cohen, Ron

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Williams, Rachel

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Dunlap, David


For my thesis I plan on exploring the concepts and reasons that I make my art. I will talk about how I explore the night as my subject and the emotional response I hope to evoke with my work, and my influences and inspirations while exploring this topic. I will talk about how I try to show how in the modern world we try to take that darkness and drive it back with artificial lights intending to duplicate the world of daylight, but instead we create stages of normalcy in between the depths of the night allowing the individual imaginations of the viewer to dream into the darkness bringing their own experiences and emotions to the images and making an interactive viewing experience. By trying to recreate the mental state where our minds revert to the most primal instincts of fight or flight in the face of the unknown, despite our knowledge of what exists in the daylight, I try to reach a more primal work of art that goes beyond my early influences of the western Romantic art and show how these instincts still deeply affect us in our modern world.


Landscape, Night, Painting, Realism


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