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Fall 2011

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The goals of the study were threefold: to examine, in a sample of Hindi-speaking Indian women, (1) the internal consistency reliability and psychometric validity of a broad assessment of intimate partner aggression (IPA) that previously has been used in multiple languages in the public-health domain; (2) the extent to which the trait structure of a widely used personality measure conforms in this sample to the personality structure that has been found in many other cultural and geographic groupings and across many languages; and (3) relations between personality traits and the experience of IPA, including physical, psychological and sexual IPA. A sample of rural, north Indian women were recruited and asked to complete several psychological measures, including one of personality and one of their experience as a recipient of IPA. The data suggest that the structure of IPA, but not personality, in this sample is consistent with that commonly found in western samples. Reasons for the lack of replication in personality structure are discussed. Nonetheless, the relations between personality and IPA domains found in this sample suggest that personality is related to these women's experience of IPA, but in ways that differ somewhat from western samples.


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