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Spring 2012

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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John Dilg


In the course of studying painting for the past three years at the University of Iowa, I have found collaborating with other artists to be a great way for me to try on different hats. Two of these collaborations in particular, The Old Man Study Group with Hamlett Dobbins (Memphis, TN) and The Coracle Drawing Club with David Dunlap (Iowa City, IA), have given me the license and opportunity to pretend to be someone else. These collaborative projects have asked me to consider, and at times adopt, even if only for a moment, the interests and concerns of another maker. A few months into these two projects, I noticed that the work I was making on my own, in the isolation of my own studio, was suddenly open to the world's innovations, and not just my own.


MFA, Painting


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