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Composer Donald Martin Jenni (1937 - 2006) produced numerous compositions in many genres such as instrumental works, orchestral works, vocal and choral works and opera. Despite his large body of work, there are few or no formal biographical materials of his life or published studies of his compositions. Due to a lack of such publications, Jenni's music has neither been widely performed nor recognized by professional musicians, teachers, students, and classical music devotees. The aim of this essay is to introduce readers to an account of the major life events of Jenni and provide an introduction to his compositions. An analytical survey of his Sonatine for Piano (1952) will help pianists and teachers to understand Jenni's compositional style as well as many of the twentieth-century musical traits and aesthetic. Moreover, the pedagogical approach to the Sonatine for Piano will guide teachers to introduce students the styles and techniques of the twentieth century repertoire through Jenni's music.


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