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Introduction: Orthodontic treatment is meant to provide patients with stable occlusion and an esthetic smile, and often improves a patient's self-esteem. Unfortunately, and too often, an ideal orthodontic finish in terms of alignment and occlusion is tarnished by the appearance of white spot lesions on the facial surface of teeth after removing the fixed appliances. These white spots detract from the esthetics of a patient's smile. Purpose: The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of MI PasteTM (GC America, Alsip, Illinois), MI Paste PlusTM (GC America, Alsip, Illinois), and Topex RenewTM (Sultan Healthcare, Hackensack, NJ) in increasing remineralization and improving the esthetic appearance of white spot lesions in patients after treatment with fixed orthodontic appliances. In addition, at-home only versus in-office and at-home treatment protocols were evaluated. Methods and Materials: Thirty patients were enrolled in four treatment groups and a control group, with six patients in each group. The study lasted three months and results were analyzed with normal and QLF photographs. Results, Discussion, and Conclusion: Upon completion of this clinical study, the following conclusions can be drawn. First, the visible area and the fluorescence decrease of white spot lesions will both significantly lessen after orthodontic treatment regardless of products used, or even with a non-prescription fluoride toothpaste control. Second, there is some evidence that an at-home treatment protocol using Topex Renew, or a combination in-office and at-home treatment protocol with MI Paste Plus, may be more beneficial in reducing the appearance of white spot lesions after orthodontic treatment than other treatment protocols.


MI Paste, MI Paste Plus, Orthodontics, Remineralization, Topex Renew, White Spot Lesions


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