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This project has come about because of the need for Australian saxophonists to develop an awareness of saxophone history and culture in their own country. Dulcie Holland, William Lovelock and Margaret Sutherland were artists who were active and influential in the areas of performance, composition and pedagogy, helping to create and promote the musical arts in Australia during the first half of the twentieth century. The high regard in which they are held should be evidence enough that their works for saxophone must be performed by their fellow Australians as a part of a well rounded, international exposure to the very best repertoire available. Saxophonists in Australia will be able to place themselves in a relevant world context only when they are fully aware of the heritage their instrument has in their own country. The present editions (created using the type-setting software Sibelius 4) seek to make performance considerably easier by eliminating the need to use the composer's autograph manuscripts, which are sometimes difficult to read and understand, due to poor hand-copying or repeated photocopying which has subsequently made some pages illegible. The accompanying performance guides are designed as introductions, the first step for the young student wishing to tackle these national treasures.


saxophone, Australia, Sutherland, Lovelock, Holland, edition


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