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Hungarian trombonist Gusztáv Hőna had an extraordinary career as a brass musician and his fascinating professional path serves as a model to this day for many young musicians who aspire to greatness in the field. In 2010, the International Trombone Association presented Gusztáv Hőna the ITA “Lifetime Achievement Award” recognizing him as a highly influential member of the worldwide community of trombonists.

Hőna was appointed trombonist with the Hungarian National Radio Orchestra in 1972, becoming Principal Trombone shortly after and holding the position for thirty-eight years until his retirement in 2010. Since 1990, Hőna has been Professor of Trombone at the prestigious Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest, Hungary. His extensive solo, orchestral and chamber music career has earned him a global reputation. Hőna’s contributions to the growth of contemporary Hungarian solo trombone literature, his influence in the establishment of the modern Hungarian trombone and brass school, and his remarkable teaching career of over fifty years have had a tremendous impact on the advancement of the trombone and its literature in the world.

This essay, based primarily on interviews with Hőna, his colleagues, and his musician friends, offers a detailed account of the multi-faceted career of arguably one of the greatest living European trombonists and professors as well as information about the history and development of the Hungarian Trombone School.


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