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Summer 2011

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MS (Master of Science)

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Dental Public Health

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Wefel, James

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Wefel, James

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Levy, Steven

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Warren, John

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Qian, Fang


Aim: The purpose of this in-vitro study was to look at the effectiveness of the ICON on prevention of caries on the smooth surface in comparison to resin based sealant.

Methods: The study was an in-vitro study to compare the effectiveness of ICON and a sealant material in prevention of secondary demineralization. Sound teeth with no defects were cleaned and divided into 3 groups and lesions created. Both the groups were treated with respective materials (ICON and sealant), but the control group was left untreated. Once treated fresh demineralization solution was created and subject to deminralization cycles to see which material performed better in prevention of secondary demineralization.

Results: In the present study, primary analysis was done using the quantitative light induced fluorescence technique. At the end of the secondary demineralization the results showed no statistically significant difference among the treatrment groups and the control group.

However, the polarized light microscopy was done to assess the amont of infiltration of the material into the lesions. The ICON showed substantial penetration into the lesions where as the sealant material did not penetrate but formed resin tags on the surface of the lesion.

Therefore, the ICON material did not fare any better than the sealant in prevention of secondary demineralization on smooth surface initial carious lesions.


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