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Summer 2012

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MA (Master of Arts)

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Interdisciplinary Studies in Transnational Literature

First Advisor

Oesmann, Astrid

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Fox, Claire F

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Gölz, Sabine I

Third Committee Member

Round, Phillip H


In this thesis, I am interested in transnational feminist scholarship and dialogue. Through close readings of Helena Maria Viramontes's texts, I place her writing in conversation with several transnational feminist scholars and themes. I begin with home, a frequently discussed topic within transnational feminism, as the experiences of diasporic and migrant populations challenge the notion of home. I locate the multiple homes presented in Viramontes's texts, arguing that these homes are unreliable spaces for their residents. I then consider male characters and masculinity in Viramontes's stories, as these men significantly influence the homes of women. In Viramontes's later texts, some of these characters support the women in their lives, as well as embrace the multiplicity of masculinity. I also explore invisibility and hypervisibility, two themes which figure prominently within transnational feminism and Viramontes's texts. Viramontes makes visible women, workers, and youth, challenging their invisibility and hypervisibility. In my analysis, I include Viramontes's two novels, Under the Feet of Jesus (1995) and Their Dogs Came With Them (2007), as well as two short stories, "Growing" (1983) and "The Jumping Bean" (1992). By analyzing these works, which were published over a period of twenty four years, we can more intricately see Viramontes's exploration of transnational feminist themes.


Chicana, Helena Maria Viramontes, Masculinity, Their Dogs Came With Them, Transnational feminism, Under the Feet of Jesus


iii, 78 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 77-78).


Copyright 2012 Christina Marie Buckles