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This is research on the New Orleans Brass Band tradition. How popular music has influenced the bands repertoire and the style of music has been transferred to other areas of the country resulting in the formation of hybrid bands. Madison, Wisconsin is an area with two popular brass bands that began by studying the New Orleans brass bands' culture and music. Those bands are Mama Digdown's Brass Band and Youngblood Brass Band.

Mama Digdown's is a brass band that performs original music in the traditional styles and forms of New Orleans brass band. Youngblood Brass Band started because Mama Digdown's inspired them and began playing shows with Digdown's and eventually broke away to form their own band. They wanted to push the limits of the New Orleans brass band instrumentation by incorporating hip-hop, rap, jazz, 1980's pop music, rock, and heavy metal that is rolled up into an intense brass sound.


brass band, Madison, mama digdown's brass band, New Orleans, popular music, youngblood brass band


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