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Summer 2012

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Muhly, Paul

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Curto, Raul

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Jorgensen, Palle

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Camillo, Victor

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Chifan, Ionut


This dissertation explores aspects of the representation theory for tensor algebras, which are non-selfadjoint operator algebras Muhly and Solel introduced in 1998, by developing a cohomology theory for completely bounded Hilbert modules. Similar theories have been developed for Banach modules by Johnson in 1970, for operator modules by Paulsen in 1997, and for Hilbert modules over the disc algebra by Carlson and Clark in 1995. The framework presented here was motivated by a desire to further understand the completely bounded representation theory for tensor algebras on Hilbert spaces.

The focal point of this thesis is the first Ext group, Ext1, which is defined as equivalence classes of short exact sequences of completely bounded Hilbert modules. Alternate descriptions of this group are presented. For general operator algebras, Ext1 can be realized as the collection completely bounded derivations equivalent up to an inner derivation. When the operator algebra is a tensor algebra, Ext1 can be described as a quotient space of intertwining operators, a description analogous to a result of Ferguson in 1996 in the case of the classical disc algebra.

A theorem of Sz.-Nagy and Foias from 1967, concerning contractions in triangular form, is applied to analyze derivations that are off-diagonal corners of completely contractive representations. It is proved that, in some cases, this analysis determines when all derivations must be inner or suggests ways to construct non-inner derivations.

In the third chapter, a characterization is given of completely bounded representations of a tensor algebra in terms of similarities of contractive intertwiners. Also proven is that for a Csup*;-correspondence X over a Csup*;-algebra A and the Toeplitz algebra T(X), Mn(T(X))= T(Mn(X)). The analogous statement for tensor algebras is deduced as a corollary.

In the final chapter, a brief survey of non-abelian category theory is provided. Extensions of completely bounded Hilbert modules over operator algebras are defined. Theorems asserting the projectivity of isometric modules and injectivity of coisometric modules by Carlson, Clark, Foias, and Williams in 1995 are generalized to the noncommutative setting of tensor algebras using commutant lifting. A result of Popesecu in 1996 for noncommutative disc algebras is also covered in the general framework of this thesis.


Cohomology, Derivations, Functional Analysis, Operator Algebra, Tensor Algebras


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Includes bibliographical references (pages 73-77).


Copyright 2012 Andrew Koichi Greene

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