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Fall 2009

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Yasar Onel

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Edwin Norbeck

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Robert L Merlino

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Jane M Nachtman

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Tuong Ton-That


The MIPP (Main Injector Particle Production) Experiment is a fixed target experiment at Fermilab to measure hadronic production for different targets and beam energies. Data were taken in 2005 on targets including aluminum, beryllium, bismuth, carbon, copper, and uranium, a cryogenic hydrogen target, and the NuMI target using six types of beam particles (pion, kaon, and proton of both charges) for the beam energies ranging from 5 GeV/c to 120 GeV/c. We present the charged pion production cross section measurements of 120 GeV/c proton beam on a thin carbon target in terms of final state particle's longitudinal and transverse momenta.


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