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The purpose of the study was to identify NANDA - I diagnoses, NOC outcomes, and NIC interventions used in nursing care plans for ICU patient care and determine the factors which influenced the change of the NOC outcome scores. This study was a retrospective and descriptive study using clinical data extracted from the electronic patient records of a large acute care hospital in the Midwest. Frequency analysis, one-way ANOVA analysis, and multinomial logistic regression analysis were used to analyze the data. A total of 578 ICU patient records between March 25, 2010 and May 31, 2010 were used for the analysis. Eighty - one NANDA - I diagnoses, 79 NOC outcomes, and 90 NIC interventions were identified in the nursing care plans. Acute Pain - Pain Level - Pain Management was the most frequently used NNN linkage. The examined differences in each ICU provide knowledge about care plan sets that may be useful. When the NIC interventions and NOC outcomes used in the actual ICU nursing care plans were compared with core interventions and outcomes for critical care nursing suggested by experts, the core lists could be expanded. Several factors contributing to the change in the five common NOC outcome scores were identified: the number of NANDA - I diagnoses, ICU length of stay, gender, and ICU type.

The results of this study provided valuable information for the knowledge development in ICU patient care. This study also demonstrated the usefulness of NANDA - I, NOC, and NIC used in nursing care plans of the EHR. The study shows that the use of these three terminologies encourages interoperability, and reuse of the data for quality improvement or effectiveness studies.


Critical Care Nursing, Intensive Care Unit, NANDA-International, Nursing Interventions Classification, Nursing Outcomes Classification


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