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Larsen, Sarah C

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Margulis, Claudio J

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Haes, Amanda J

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Zeolites and mesoporous silica were used as drug delivery systems for the loading and release of small drug molecules, aspirin and 5-fluorouracil. Different parameters were varied such as aluminum content in the zeolite, effect of distribution of functional groups and the method of surface modification in case of mesoporous silica. The effect of the aforementioned variables was studied on drug loading and release from these microporous and mesoporous systems. The drug loaded materials were extensively characterized using various physical techniques such as powder X-ray diffraction, nitrogen isotherms, infrared spectroscopy, solid state NMR and thermogravimetric analysis. Quantum calculations and molecular dynamics simulations were performed in order to validate the experimental data and also to obtain a molecular level insight of the drugs inside the pores of the host materials. Drug templated synthesis of mesoporous silica was also carried out in the presence of aspirin as the template. The aspirin templated material was characterized by aforementioned techniques and showed a sustained drug release profile.


Drug Delivery


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