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Juan Orrego-Salas has made a significant contribution to the world of Latin American music. One of the most well known composers from Chile, he has taught around the world and founded the Latin American Music Center at Indiana University. While at Indiana, Orrego-Salas began to write for the saxophone. To date, he has composed four chamber works for saxophone: Quattro Liriche Brevi, Opus 61 for alto saxophone and piano, Partita, Opus 100 for alto saxophone and piano trio, Secuencias, Opus 120 for alto saxophone and percussion, and Movimiento Concertante, Opus 123 for alto saxophone and string quartet. Orrego-Salas also included the alto saxophone in his scherzo for orchestra, Riley's Merriment, Opus 94. After a current biography of Juan Orrego-Salas, this document provides a history and performer's analysis of each of the chamber works including the discussion of any errata, where applicable.

Included in the appendices are documents that performers or teachers interested in Orrego-Salas' works might find useful. These include a letter written by Orrego-Salas to the master class participants of Eugene Rousseau titled, "The Saxophone and Me" and key articles found on the Internet about Orrego-Salas during the research of this document. Perhaps a source for future research will be the saxophone excerpt from Riley's Merriment, Opus 94 or the list of Chilean saxophone music compiled by Roger Greenberg.


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