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Fall 2009

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DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts)

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Stalter, Timothy

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Getz, Christine

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Scruggs, T M

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Puderbaugh, David

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Klemm, David


Choral Music, Kachin, Myanmar, Myitkyina


ix, 257 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 255-257).


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Additional Files

1 Majan Jangka.aiff (22125 kB)
1 Majan Jangka

2 Ja Tawng NChyin.aiff (33231 kB)
2 Ja Tawng N'Chyin

3 Shayawq Goi.aiff (24181 kB)
3 Shayawq Goi

4 Shoiwa.aiff (17451 kB)
4 Shoiwa

5 Yoi Lu.aiff (13556 kB)
5 Yoi Lu

6 Oh Ra Ra Manau Ka 2.aiff (39037 kB)
6 Oh Ra Ra Manau Ka 2

7 Htawngka Ka Ga.aiff (36058 kB)
7 Htawngka Ka Ga

8 Lanyi Ga.aiff (15219 kB)
8 Lanyi Ga

9 Tawn Dumsa.aiff (25738 kB)
9 Tawn Dumsa

10 Kabung N'Chyin.aiff (36839 kB)
10 Kabung N'Chyin

11 Kabung dum ai Kaw na aw Zaw ga.aiff (11360 kB)
11 Kabung dum ai Kaw na aw Zaw ga

12 Aw Le Le.aiff (19206 kB)
12 Aw Le Le

13 Madu Asak Pyendin #404.aiff (42499 kB)
13 Madu Asak Pyendin #404

14 Jinkhku Majing Gaw Yesu.aiff (65394 kB)
14 Jinkhku Majing Gaw Yesu

15 Grau Htum Mungga Htawn Tsun Ga.aiff (33272 kB)
15 Grau Htum Mungga Htawn Tsun Ga

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