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Date of Degree

Spring 2014

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MA (Master of Arts)

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Teaching and Learning

First Advisor

Clara M. Baldus

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Rachel M. Williams


This research explores the relationships between visual and written narratives, as well as the quality of engagement in art and writing processes. The study focuses on the work of second grade students in the art education classroom at a small rural elementary school. Data collection included: direct observation of the students, teacher notes, rubrics, student surveys, and student projects. The aim was to collect information on the ways in which students prefer to create and share their narratives. Results show that by providing students with choices in their learning, they are more engaged in the narrative process. It also demonstrates that by providing a variety of narrative methods, particularly the inclusion of image making, students will produce stories that are richer, more elaborate, and engaging.


art education, choice-based, engagement, visual narratives, written narratives


ix, 69 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 68-69).


Copyright 2014 Nicole Marie Beckley