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Spring 2014

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DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts)

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Heidel, Richard Mark

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Kastens, L. Kevin

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This study broadens awareness of two accomplished American composers’ contributions to various media in general, and wind band in particular by examining specific wind band works that illustrate their compositional style for the medium. The opening chapters include biographical information of each composer, including musical training, professional background, appointments held, awards, compositional style, and education.

Carolyn Bremer has written thirteen works for wind band. An orchestral bassist by training, Bremer focused her musical talents on composition at the age of twenty-four. Among Bremer’s works for wind band, Early Light maintains a consistent performance record.

An accomplished pianist, organist, and composer, Nancy Galbraith’s compositional career spans three decades. Although she has contributed significantly to chamber and small ensembles, her catalog contains approximately 120 works for various media. Febris ver is one of Galbraith’s recent contributions to the wind band. Commissioned for the 2012 College Band Directors National Association, the work received its premier performance in February of that year. This project fills a major gap in the literature regarding the work of Bremer and Galbraith; to date, it is the first study of its kind and brings to light information not previously published.


American Composers, Analysis, Carolyn Bremer, Early Light, Febris ver, Nancy Galbraith


xiii, 187 pages


Includes bibliographical references (pages 185-187).


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