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Spring 2014

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MA (Master of Arts)

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Monica Correia


An organized and systematic approach to a creative workflow is the underline basis for acquiring design success. As a nontraditional student, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable experience belonging to organizations that have developed and acquired proven systematic business models. These models were necessary for the overall success in establishing efficient training systems, maintaining quality control, product and service production, employee and customer satisfaction.

The United States Armed Forces is where I first gained invaluable experience within a systematic organization. I knew there were experiences that could be gained outside of the small southern town where I was raised. This led me to join the United States Army which also provided me with the needed financial support via the military's college fund program and allowed me to pursue my educational aspirations. I have acquired a resilient mental stamina from the military's systematic step-by-step approach to problem solving. I attribute my successes I have achieved in my career and in graduate school because of this approach.

This systematic approach also enabled me to successfully manage a small business for ten years. The attention to detail, discipline, alertness, etc. are other main components acquired from the military and career experiences that has allowed me to demonstrate fortitude in my collegiate studies.

My master studies in 3D Design with emphasis in Product Design has required substantial research in the uses of computer modeling software, prototyping technologies and design principles. I have continued incorporating the systematic approaches into my research to achieve an efficient workflow for developing products by properly utilizing the technologies and methods necessary to achieve design success.


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