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Spring 2014

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MS (Master of Science)

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Mechanical Engineering

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Zhupanska, Olesya I

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Zhupanska, Olesya I

Second Committee Member

Sugiyama, Hiroyuki

Third Committee Member

Ratner, Albert


In this work, the low-velocity impact resistance of layered carbon fiber polymer matrix five harness satin textile composites has been studied. A series of impact characterization tests at different impact energy levels was performed using an Instron 8200 Dynatup impact tester. Real-time measurements of impact load, deflection, and energy were recorded and analyzed, and impact damage was assessed.

Impact damage in the textile composites with respect to different impact energy levels has also been studied using computed tomography (CT). Two different CT systems, ZEISS METROTOM 1500 and Siemens MicroCAT II, were used for the quantitative damage assessment. The capabilities of both systems to evaluate low-velocity impact damage in layered carbon fiber polymer matrix composites were investigated.

The micro-CT scans produced detailed visualization of cracks and delamination in the damage zones of the impacted textile composite specimens. However, the MicroCAT CT system is limited to the analysis of small articles and is unable to scan composite specimens of the standard size (squares of 6 in. by 6 in.) used in the low-velocity impact characterization tests.


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