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Spring 2014

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MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

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Book Arts

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Leonard, Julia

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Simon, Giselle

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Martin, Emily

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Sauers, Sara

Fourth Committee Member

Smith, Julie


Crowing Hens Bindery is an independent business that I have founded to combine my passion for bookbinding, printmaking, and production. The purpose of this study is to provide an opportunity for me begin to make the transition from being a student in a graduate level book arts program to a self-employed bookbinder in a production and market driven environment. To gain a better understanding of production binding techniques I implemented a small production run. I designed three blank book prototypes that focus on the needs of the user, and I developed marketing descriptions to help put these products within a market context. To diversify my product line, I have created a variety of decorative papers including paste papers and linocut letterpress printed papers. These will serve as my proprietary covering material and offer alternative avenues to supplement my income. I have photographed the various stages of bookbinding and printing to illustrate the process of product development. This study has allowed me to begin to assume the various roles and responsibilities that a self-employed bookbinder must assume in order to cultivate a successful business.


Bookbinding, Business, Marketing, Printmaking, Product Development, Production


viii, 51 pages


Includes bibliographical references (page 51).


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