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Spring 2014

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MA (Master of Arts)

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Monica Correia


As time goes by, people are no longer limited with the basic demands of survival, which started in the primitive society, and try to search for the satisfaction of spirit and comfortable sensation. At this time, furniture becomes to be the spiritualization carrier: they could contain the history and culture; they could make people relax and bring belongingness; they could show the preference of the designers. The furniture, or all kind of design, can be more than passionless implements. That is the subject I want to explore.

Because of my educational background in interior design and architecture, I usually search a way to balance between technology and people's emotions, and try to keep the function together with physical contact of design at the same time. Due to the awareness of `people-oriented' concept, I researched and designed the Cocktail furniture series. The purpose of this thesis is to analysis this furniture set, which includes a chair, a coatrack and a table. The main theme of design is to create a relaxing area with soft curved lines and round shapes, and use as few pieces as possible to reduce the weight and waste of material. I used the computer graphics, algorithms and ergonomics, Thermal Forming and Computer Numerical Control techniques together to produce the building-block combination furniture with sustainable plywood and HDPE plastic. Furthermore the use of Ergonomic, such as replaceable pieces, applies the humanistic care in the furniture. Within the consideration of function and aesthetic demands, I want to create the kind of design that can bring the joy and comfort for customers.


emotional, ergonomics, form, furniture design, sustainability


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