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Spring 2017

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DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts)

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Moore, Daniel

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Gier, David

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Gompper, David

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Platte, Nathan

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Stanton, Zachary

Public Abstract

The use of technology to enhance music-making is common in both classical and commercial music styles. It is uncommon, however, for classical musicians to use technology intended for commercial music-making in live performance.

This thesis explores the potential for using commercial music technology in a classical music performance setting through the composition and performance of ten new pieces for solo percussionist and electronics. While the resulting music sounds comfortable and the musical language is familiar, the act of performing the music with the aid of technology creates an exciting and compelling visual and aural show for audiences.

The ten works require the use of traditional percussion instruments including the marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, and drums, as well as electronic sounds and electronic music hardware championed by DJs and EDM musicians. These pieces of hardware are controlled using the electronic music software Ableton Live 9.

The music was composed through a collaboration between percussionist and composer Taylor Ambrosio Wood and Christine Augspurger. All electronic sounds found in this thesis were designed specifically for the pieces. Following the composition and design of all music and sounds, the ten pieces were professionally recorded, resulting in a full-length album – Transience by Christine Augspurger.


Ableton, collaboration, electronics, MIDI, percussion, sampling


60 pages


Copyright © 2017 Christine Anne Augspurger

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