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Summer 2013

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PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

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Palle Jorgensen

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Isabel Darcy

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Victor Camillo

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Colleen Mitchell

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Ionut Chifan


By first looking at the orthonormal basis: Γ = {∑i 4 ibi ∈{0, 1}, finite sums} and the related orthonormal basis 5Γ = {5∑i 4i bi : bi ∈ {0, 1}, finite sums} we find several interesting relationships with the unitary matrix Uα,β arising from the operator U: Γ → 5Γ. Further, we investigate the relationships between U and the operators So : Γ → 4Γ defined by Soe where eγ = e2ΠiΓ and S1: Γ → 4Γ+1 defined by S1eγ = e4γ+1.

Most intriguing, we found that when taking powers of the aforementioned Uα,β matrix that although there are infinitely many 1's occurring in the entries of Uα,β only one such 1 occurs in the subsequent higher powers Ukα,β. This means that there are infinitely many γ ∈ Γ ∩ 5Γ, but only one such γ in the intersection Γ and 5kΓ, for k ≥ 2.


infinite matrices


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